What's In It

You know you need a planned giving program.

Your board has asked about a planned giving program. Your boss has told you to start one.

But how do you find the time? Where will you get the resources? And isn't it too complicated?

Not any more. No more excuses. No more delays.

Your new Planned Giving Program is here. In this box.

Complete. Proven. Ready to perform.

Start today to build an effective planned giving program. Step-by-step instructions for each week, combined with state-of-the-art model forms and sample materials make Planned Giving in a Box the best and easiest way to build your new planned giving program. You can start slow by implementing it an hour a week, or at full-force at 4 hours a week. In either case, it works.

Planned giving is not complicated when you have this roadmap to successful implementation and execution.

Planned Giving in a Box breaks down the process into three easy-to-manage modules. Click each below for more detail:

  1. Marketing and Outreach
    1. Planned Giving Marketing Plan
      1. A donor-centered, step-by-step, month-by-month, implementation plan based on Brian Sagrestano's moves management platform using industry leading marketing materials by VirtualGiving.Com
      2. Begin implementation in any month of the year.
    2. Planned Giving Fulfillment Materials
      1. Solicitation letters, postcard and brochure copy specifically for this program to ensure that your donors respond
      2. Columns/articles you can utilize in any of your institutional publications, email blasts, and website
      3. Discounts on your choice of website from VirtualGiving.Com, plus content you can use in creating your own site.
      4. All content fully customizable.
    3. Practical, Results-Getting Know-How
      1. Derived from decades' worth of aggregate professional marketing experience.
      2. Continuous improvement knowledge transfer: not just "how-to," but also "why-to."
      3. Detailed information, tips and advice that map directly to the steps in the marketing plan.
  2. Back Office Operations
    1. Are You Ready? — Does your mission warrant a planned giving program?
      1. Step-by-step guide to evaluate your mission
      2. Outline on how to get ready.
    2. Getting Your Board on Board
      1. How to write an internal document (with examples) to ensure long-term support of planned giving by your staff and board leadership.
      2. A PowerPoint presentation that helps “Get Your Board on Board.”
    3. Infrastructure — Setting policies, procedures, and guidelines in support of your planned giving program
      1. Gift acceptance policies
      2. Instructions and step by step guidance on counting and valuing planned gifts
      3. Gift agreement templates
      4. Dealing with state and federal regulations
    4. Understanding the Basic Tools and Tax Implications.
      1. Gifts from a will (bequests)
      2. Retirement plan beneficiary designations
      3. Life insurance beneficiary designations
  3. Building Donor Relationships
    1. Creating a Planned Giving Prospect List
      1. A step-by-step outline on how to identify your best prospects
      2. Guidance on how to create a system to rate and rank your prospects.
      3. Guidance on how to track your prospects in your database
    2. Qualifying and Approaching the Best Planned Giving Prospects
      1. Understanding your prospects.
      2. Events that prompt planned giving. This is extremely important.
      3. Making the case — Sharing how planned giving helps your donors to meet their personal planning objectives while supporting your mission. It's easier than you think.
      4. Integrating planned giving into your other fundraising efforts.
      5. Having the planned giving conversation.
      6. Asking donors to make a gift through their will, retirement plan or life insurance plan in support of your charity
    3. Planned Giving Stewardship Society — Building life-long relationships with your planned giving donors and their families.
      1. Membership criteria. How to define and market it.
      2. Membership materials. What you'll need with samples you can swipe and deploy.
      3. Member benefits. Examples of what others are doing.
      4. Marketing materials along with leave behind pieces.
      5. Meaningful, outcomes-based events.

Each module can be purchased as a stand-alone piece, or purchase them all at a substantial discount in the Planned Giving in a Box package.

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