Truly Plug-and-Play

Since I started using Planned Giving in a Box, everyone in the organization thinks I actually know what I’m doing.

Mr. Incognito
Director of Planned Giving
Somewhere in Western Florida

Very Easy, Very Helpful

I just used the sample internal case statement template in anticipation of some visits to trustees. It was fantastic. Very easy to use, very helpful in focusing my efforts. I really am glad we purchased Planned Giving in a Box. It has been everything I hoped it would be. Great product.

Heather A. Cahill
Executive Director for Institutional Advancement
American International College


Planned Giving in a Box places a customized, results-getting planned giving program within easy reach of your small to medium-size nonprofit.

Gregory E. Johnson, CFP
Director of Gift Planning
University of Pennsylvania

Great Training Tool

This innovative product is not just for the small shops or volunteer-driven charities, it's a great training tool for any shop welcoming a junior planned giving officer to the team! It's training in a box! Kudos to Brian for creating a wonderful tool we've needed for a long time!

Michael Kateman
Executive Director
Development, Alumni and Public Relations
Columbia College

Totally Practical

Affordable, effective, professional and totally practical: Brian Sagrestano's "Gift Planning Essentials" was just the kick-start we needed. I am pleased to hear that Brian and Viken are now making many of the same materials accessible to small charities with few or no development staff, all in Planned Giving In a Box.

Ann V. Satterthwaite
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
University of the Sciences

Road Tested

A thought-filled approach to planned giving driven by road-tested experience. You can't lose!

Bob Fogal, ACFRE, CAP®
Executive Coach

Perfect Solution

Planned Giving in a Box is the perfect solution for smaller development offices. Brian and Viken have created a tool that should be used by any organization that wants to secure significant planned gifts in ways that are meaningful to their donors. Even those of us who have been in planned giving for years need a program like this to help start a new program, or re-start a stalled one, especially when staff and volunteers are stretched so thin.

Lynne Marie S. Jones, CFRE
Vice President for Fund Development
Auburn Memorial Hospital

I'm a Better Gift Planner

Brian strengthened the school's gift planning program — and I am a better gift planner — because of his knowledge, expertise and insights gained from having managed some terrific planned giving departments.

Regina Ketting
Director of Gift Planning
Peddie School

Brilliant Solution

Planned Giving in a Box is exciting, but what else would you expect from Brian and Viken? This is a solution for small non-profits to implement planned giving and build long-term sustainable practices. It's like having the two biggest names in donor-centered planned giving to help you build your own customized program at your own pace.

Brooks Scudder
MPA, Partner
Trek Advancement, LLC

Love It

If you have delayed starting your planned giving program because you didn't know where to start, I'm confident Planned Giving in a Box will give you the direction and motivation you need. Brian and Viken never disappoint, and their turnkey approach will have you up and at 'em in no time."

Jessica Terry Bergman
Director of Major Gifts
Union College

Rich Harvest

Planned Giving in a Box allows the smaller non-profit who cannot afford hiring a planned giving expert to reap the crucial endowment benefits of a comprehensive planned giving program.

Meredith Sossman
Director of Major Gifts and
Planned Giving
West Chester State University


Speaking as a consultant, I wish you had brought this out ten years ago, because Planned Giving in a Box not only makes my job easier, it also enhances my practice. It lets me do more for my clients, and do it better, while securing my professional relationship to them. The Box is a knockout!

Vince Fraumeni
Fraumeni Consulting

Plug and Play

We've identified the skills and the know-how, gathered all the tools, and arranged them into a step-by-step implementation process that helps you up the learning curve without having to reinvent the wheel. As little as one hour a week for 52 weeks is all it takes to get your program off the ground.

Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE
Gift Planning Development

Easy, Fast, Affordable

Nonprofits are generally too conservative for their own good. So no more excuses! Planned Giving in a Box gets small shops off the dime so they can take advantage of gifts that really build their endowment. It's also the easy way to garner support for planned giving from your staff, your boss, and your board.

Viken D. Mikaelian
CEO, PlannedGiving.Com

Brilliant concept

A plug-and-play planned giving program, complete with know-how, content, and step-by-step implementation.

Allen Thomas JD, CAP®
Vice President of Advancement
The American College
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania