What's in It for Consultants?

You advise your clients on campaigns, increasing annual support, how to conduct effective events and so much more. Yet most consultants rarely offer advice on how to build a planned giving program as part of the fundraising effort. With several studies showing that successful planned giving programs increase the level of donor engagement and annual fund revenue, isn’t it time to include starting a planned giving program as part of your offering to your clients?

Use Planned Giving in a Box with Your Clients

With Planned Giving In a Box, you can now offer to help your clients start a planned giving program as part of your work with them. They will benefit from your advice on how to integrate these planned giving components into the overall fundraising program which you are helping them to develop. Because all of the materials are already in The Box, you don’t have to spend hours trying to create or maintain planned giving materials, which have to be constantly updated for tax law changes, etc. Instead, you spend your time doing what you do best, giving advice on how to implement the program.

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When you sign up as a partner, we put your name and firm information on the Planned Giving in a Box consultants directory of Preferred Partners. All we ask in exchange is for permission to use your name and your honest feedback about the product and ways that it can be enhanced.

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